Automated Test System Design: Concept to Reality

Instructors: Dr. David Carey, Lockheed Martin

Michael Seavey, Northrop Grumman

Time: Monday, August 26 from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Abstract: In this tutorial, the design process for Automated Test Systems is presented using standard systems engineering principles. No prior knowledge of ATE, ATS, or TPS development is assumed. A general familiarity with electronic testing techniques is a prerequisite for a full understanding of the material presented. This class will present a series of reference designs as a starting point for ATS and TPS development. Proposed design stages are explained in view of the typical division between hardware and software for the ATS. The process, in which design recommendations are made, can make easier the development of future systems. Thus, central in this tutorial is helping the design team to consider important aspects in decisions taken along the development process and keeping these decisions linked to the requirements defined in initial development stages.

ATS and TPS Management

Instructors: Dan Christenson, US Air Force

Tony Conard, US Navy

Jay Romania, US Army

Rick Foyt, US Marine Corps

Time: Monday, August 26 from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Abstract: This four-part Tutorial is designed to cover the controversial and challenging issues of managing ATE and TPS development. This session is a must for all industry and government ATE/TPS managers. As with the morning ATE session, it focuses on real world situations and explores areas of frequent problems.  Organizational and process/method differences between services will be highlighted. Four major topics are covered, including: 1) TPS Acquisition, 2) TPS Management Development Requirements and Challenges, 3) Managing in a Dynamic Environment, and 4) Depot TPS and ATE Management.

Diagnostics and Design for Built-In Test

Instructors: Dr. John W. Sheppard, Montana State University

Dr. David Carey, Lockheed Martin

Time: Monday, August 26 from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Abstract: With advancing technology and increasingly complex electronic systems, almost every test approach has had to settle for lower fault coverage, more difficulty in diagnoses, and all at greater costs. Today’s Production and Maintenance Test Engineers need to get involved with embedded test, diagnostics, and Design for Testability (DFT) enabled designs. However, the details of these test methodologies often remain a mystery. This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of the Built-In-Test & Diagnostics challenges and solutions. The Design for Built-In Test section of the tutorial introduces terminology and concepts. Various implementation issues are addressed as the tutorial moves through test strategies, circuit implementation, and test methodologies. The diagnostics section of this Tutorial provides an overview of traditional and recent approaches to system-level diagnosis and prognosis. The emphasis is placed on different system modeling approaches and the algorithms that can be applied using resulting models.