Anomaly Detection in Structures and Transmission Line Networks

Chaired by Moussa Kafal

Date, Time, and Location TBD

In the last decades, fundamental changes have been taking place in the monitoring, control and protection of almost all modern systems, sometimes working in harsh or aggressive environments. It has become vital to be able to constantly know the health status of these systems and health monitoring methods and techniques have been widely studied and developed.

Electrical cables play a major role for data and energy transmission. Due to their ubiquitous use in any small, medium or large infrastructure, wire networks become fundamental subsystems whose proper functioning and good performance is of critical importance. 

This session addresses recent developments on health monitoring methods and systems, aiming at detecting, locating small or incipient defects, and their applications to energy, transports, structures, for maintenance purposes and critical systems.

Original research works that focus on these and related topics are welcome.